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Ayurvedic massage

The skin, the largest organ of our body. 

Touch, an essential sense to our survival and balance.


More than a way to relax in body and mind, massage has invaluable benefits.


The Ayurvedic massage adapts to the constitution and the state of each person, to bring balance on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

The goal ? Balancing the "dosas".


In Ayurveda, a dosha is a vital energy which results from the combination of two of the "Great Elements" of nature (air, water, fire, earth, ether). In us, and according to the moment of our life, one is predominant. According to Ayurveda, the balance of the doshas is essential for the proper functioning of our organism on all levels.


Prenatal massage:

From the 2nd trimester, at your home. Know its benefits. 

Postnatal massage:

From the first days after birth. Know its benefits. 

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