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HypnoNatal ®

Method Lise Bartoli 

The HypnoNatal® is a method of mental well-being for pregnancy and birth.


To support pregnant women towards a more human and intuitive journey where they can develop all their most positive resources and regain confidence in their skills to become a mother.

6 hours of support (in 4 sessions). The birth partner is welcomed to the sessions.​ 

An in-depth program on hypnosis, which covers the following topics: 

Mental preparation, via: 

  • Understanding the laws of the mind. Your unconscious : your greatest ally!

  • Self-hypnosis and guided hypnosis techniques: bond & communication with the baby, fear release, relief of pregnancy "aches" and tensions, reactivation of hidden resources, natural anesthesia, birth imagery, among others (to be adapted as needed) 

  • Anchoring techniques for the mother and for the partner (if available) + harmonization of the partner with the tools practiced.  

  • Visualizations. Breathing. 

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