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Conception & Pregnancy 

Tailor-made support 

A tailor-made support to contribute to your well-being and well-living throughout the period around the birth of a child, from conception.


I rely on humanistic approaches, the yogic lifestyle and Ayurveda to provide understanding and concrete answers to many practical questions that arise during the journey to parenthood.


Practices and tools that allow you to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, and that it is quite possible to integrate for a while in your life, without being or becoming a "yogini" or adhering to the path yoga or Ayurveda.

A la carte or in a program, according to your needs.  A path that we co-create according to your needs and desires. The birth partner is welcome.


Here are the themes that we can typically address, depending on your priorities and your moment in life:  

During (pre)conception, ​

  • Conscious conception.

  • Physical preparation and nutrition.

  • A different view : the journey of the soul.

  • Re-enchanting the process of a medically assisted conception, if applicable.

  • Hypnosis support to boost fertility if needed  See HypnoFertility 

During pregnancy, 

  • Your expectations and desires in relation to pregnancy and birth. 

  • The physiology of pregnancy and birth. 

    • ​Physical, emotional and relational transformations during pregnancy.

    • Pregnancy and birth from the baby's point of view. Bonding with your baby. 

    • Birth from A to Z: all the stages of birth from the point of view of the feelings and needs of the mother and the partner. 

    • Signs of onset, when to go to the birth center/hospital, identify key stages + what can help you at each stage.

    • (Re)enchant pregnancy and birth, when special circumstances.

  • Understand and learn to "manage" the intensity of sensations, pain and fear during childbirth with gentle and effective techniques such as accupressure, massage, rebozo, movements, physiological positions, among others...

  • Exercises to promote the optimal positioning of the baby and practice of yoga to prepare the body for childbirth. 

  • Focus on the pelvic floor, body care and nutrition.

  • Breathing exercises, visualization and guided meditation.   

  • Your birth preferences, medical protocol, informed choices.

  • Postnatal preparation, preparing for breastfeeding. 

  • Tools for the partner (if available): for yourself and to support mothers during pregnancy and during birth.


A typical session holds an exchange followed by a space for practice. If there is need, hypnosis can be added to the menu as an additional tool. 

More information on programs and rates.

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