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Postnatal Support 

Tailor-made support 


When a baby is born and we too often forget that a mother and a second parent were also born at the same time. 


Lots of new things (even after several children!) and without a manual. We sometimes feel lost, isolated, lacking answers.


A postnatal support during the first months of life is essential for recovering well physically, mentally and emotionally from the birth process, adapting to your new life and building solid foundations for the future. 

I offer you different types of support, depending on your needs.


  • Moral and emotional support (listening, communication) 

  • Physical care for better recovery (hips closing, ayurvedic massage for mom or baby, rebozo ceremony, among others) 

  • Support on a particular subject (breastfeeding, optimal nutrition) 

  • Practical and organizational support (meals, organization, household chores)

An American study carried out among young mothers at the end of the postnatal period shows that mothers who were supported by a doula showed fewer signs of anxiety and depression, felt more confident with their baby, and more satisfied in their relationship as a couple ( 71% vs 30%), with a higher breastfeeding rate (52% vs 29%).  

“It takes a whole village to raise a child” 

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