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"Rebozo" Ritual

Ritual of passage

A journey, a magical moment suspended in time, a process of moving from one phase to another. 

When the need to move forward, to close a chapter and to open another one is felt. Done at any time in life, to start a process of conscious conception, to turn the page after an experience of mourning, to start a new professional project, a life cycle (adolescence, menopause, among others).


This ritual using a shawl such as rebozo (of Mexican origin) or "chumbe" (fabric of Colombian origin), allows you to find your body, your axis, your energy in order to focus on a new life chapter and to move forward on your path as a woman, (future) mother and/or companion.


In the postnatal period, this postnatal treatment is a gift that every mother should be able to receive. It can be done towards the end of the 40 days, as a way of closing the chapter of pregnancy and childbirth, or at any time when the need is felt to turn a page.

Ritual in 3 phases: massage with 4 hands, a heat therapy and "closing" of the full body with the shawl.

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