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HypnoFertility® is a hypnosis-based program that supports future mothers and partners in their journey towards the conception of a child. 

In France, approximately one couple out of eight consults due to difficulties to conceive a child*. In addition to medical or genetic factors, psychic factors such as stress, unconscious blockages, the environment or certain past experiences have a major influence on this process.


Why ? Stress acts in the brain by altering the production of neurohormones and/or gonadotropic hormones in the hypothalamic-pituitary system. The chances of fertilization are reduced by nearly 40% in women with a high level of stress at the time of fertilization*.

The HypnoFertility® approach re-balances and re-harmonizes the body-mind connection through hypnosis. Coupled with techniques of visualization, affirmations, breathing, art therapy among others, this approach allows future parents to experience conception in a serene and conscious way.


To free oneself from known or unknown resistance, reactivate inner resources and promote the production of hormones to optimize the fertility capacity, while bringing well-being and a good start to the journey towards parenthood.

It is a tailored program which adapts entirely to your needs and to any type of path of conception of a child (with or without medical assistance).


In the case of a medically assisted conception process, this support also allows you to re-enchant your journey and significantly increase its chances. Recent research has shown that hypnosis used in conjunction with IVF has a direct impact during embryo transfer and can double the success rate**

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*Iserm, France.

**Study conducted at Soroka University, Israel.

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