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Postnatal massage:

After birth, the mother is likely to feel tired, unbalanced, destabilized.


This is partly due to the excess of air or imbalance of the "Vatta" dosha, the energy of the movement which was dispersed during birth and which comes to fill the empty space in the body of the mother after birth.


In addition to the known benefits of massage, the postnatal Ayurvedic massage:


  • Channels this energy and balances this excess of air. 

  • Warms the body and mind to activate the "inner / digestive fire"

  • Invites the organs to return to their proper place in the belly.

  • Relieves physical, psychic and emotional tensions that remain from birth or the first weeks of adaptation with the baby.

  • Improves blood, lymphatic and energy circulation.

  • Eliminates toxins in the body and the excess of fluids, if any.

  • Helps mom feel more centered et appeased and to recover energy faster.


In traditional societies like in India, Singapore, China or in some places in South America, getting a massage is part of the essential care for young mothers. It is a wonderful gift to give yourself or to a friend.

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