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Prenatal massage:

From the 2nd trimester, at your home. Some benefits, among others, are: 

  • Balances the doshas, thanks to the protocol adapted to each woman. 

  • Relieves physical, mental and emotional tension.

  • Releases "feel-good" hormones and decreases the secretion of stress hormones, to promotes optimal baby growth and a healthy pregnancy.

  • Nourishes the skin, nourishes the spirit, nourishes with love and human warmth.

  • Promotes good sleep.

  • Improves digestion and increases the functions of the pancreas / liver to reduce nausea, hyperacidity, constipation and bloating. 

  • Supports the functions of the kidneys to eliminate excess fluids and improves blood, lymphatic and energy circulation.

  • Promotes placental exchanges, better oxygenation for the baby.

  • Increases the flexibility of the joints of the pelvis.  

  • Facilitates childbirth.

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