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Ayurvedic massage

Baby massage:

From one month of life. 


Touch, the first of the 5 senses that develops in-utero, where the baby is already "massaged" by the amniotic fluid, the uterus, the diaphragm and the back and forth of mum's breathing. An essential sense for the good adaptation to extra-uterine life and the development of the baby, the exploration, the recognition, the discovery of the environment which surrounds her.

In addition to the known benefits of massage, the key benefits for babies are:

  • Accompanies the baby in becoming aware of her body.

  • Contributes to a harmonious growth, through the development of all senses and tissues.

  • Participates in the elimination of stress or fear hormones. 

  • Facilitates digestion, eliminates excess of gas. 

  • Facilitates good sleep.

  • Strengthens communication and bonding between the baby and her parents. 

Offered in a one-shot session or as in a package of 3 sessions to teach the parents how to massage their baby, so that it becomes an easy to integrate ritual in your new life.

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