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My story...

I was born in Colombia in the 80s. I am the youngest of 4 daughters born to an artist and advertising father, and an artist-from-life mother.

Very young, the desire to explore the world was felt and, thanks to the will, the optimism and the confidence of my parents, I was able to taste a first experience of life in the USA when I was 17 y.o. This experience changed my life. I met inspiring people and above all, I met myself !

Coming back to my country, getting off the plane, I remember thinking "next destination: France".

Five years passed during which I studied business administration and entrepreneurship. These years were precious. Thanks to the seeds of my sisters, my birth fairies, I encountered yoga, meditation, Reiki, and so many other practices that transformed my vision of the world.


In 2005, with the help of my mother, collecting the necessary funds necessary to come to France was a success and I used them to buy me a one-way ticket. Montpellier was my first nest, saw me learn my first words of French, between sport, friends, studies, discoveries in bars!


In 2006, I found an internship in Paris in marketing and I made a career in this sector for almost 15 years. Meetings with brilliant people, the world of big business, beauty, luxury seduced me for a while. I could take a break from this life when I travelled, with my team mates, my women's ultimate frisbee team or my relatives.


In 2013, tired of the "corporate world" and in search of meaning, I went on a world tour with my partner. Unforgettable, magical and rich.  Another big turning point in my life. When I left, I knew that I was going to change my life: either education, or yoga, or children or something in which all of this was mixed. 


And it was the pregnancy and the birth of my son Aël Luciano that made it happen and gave me the strength to change. A profound turning point in life that allowed me to reconcile with my feminine side and I got to know myself even more. I savored every moment of the pregnancy and the (re)discovery of my creative force. His birth remains one of the best moments in life. And yet, it was not obvious to feel that all of my wished and choices were not fully respected, or to feel well supported and informed in order to feel serene and confident. The postnatal period was difficult, despite the support of my friends, my family was far away and I had not yet discovered doulas.


At that moment it became obvious: the accompaniment around the coming of a child appealed to me strongly. In my guts, I feel every woman, every baby, every family deserves better support to live these stages as best as possible. The tools that fascinate me like yoga, hypnosis, rituals are helpful but what I feel it helps the most is actually being there, supporting, listening, respecting and caring which to me are the most helpful to help future and young parents find the resources they need to best live each stage in these vulnerable, magical and powerful moments.


Since 2017 I have honored this mission which is inscribed in my first name: Pilar Izquierdo, Left Pillar = the left being the feminine "side. And the beautiful thing is that a pillar cannot exist on its own. I wish that my mission to be a pillar for the feminine materializes with each family, each mother and child that I have the chance to support, together with other pillars that support the immense temple of the sacred feminine in this world.

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