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120 days ceremony

  Honoring the soul of the baby  

The  yogic tradition honors the woman 120 days after conception, to celebrate the full incarnation of the baby's "soul". 

During the first 4 months the baby's soul is believed to be subtly linked to the growing cells in the womb and from a more spiritual point of view it is believed to be unaffected yet by the influences of life on earth. 

Around the 120th day, this soul comes to fully settle in its physical body, and in this very warm house which is the womb, to build herself and to grow before birthing. 

A celebration to honor the "soul" of your baby and your journey as parents which is beginning, to nourish yourselves from good wishes and beautiful inspirations.

As Yoga-Doula, I proposer to be your ceremony planner to make of this moment, a unique moment of real connection with those who are present. Together, with you and your guests, we will co-create the ceremony that best suits you. 

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Photo by : Zoie Wilson

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