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What is a doula? 

A doula is a person who supports and accompanies, in a non-medical way, the mother, the partner and possibly other family members around the birth of a child. 


She is aware of the different emotional and spiritual needs of the mother, partner and child during the pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal periods of life. She also has practical tools of therapeutic tools to offer to future parents to better prepare for this period of life of great transformation.

What is the specificity of a Yoga-Doula® 


A Yoga-Doula® is a doula who relies on humanistic approaches, the yogic lifestyle and Ayurveda, and who includes the practice of Pre and Postnatal Yoga in her approach. 

Practices and tools that allow you to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually, and that it is quite possible to integrate for a while in your life, without being or becoming a "yogini" or adhering to the path yoga or Ayurveda.

As a Yoga-Doula®:  

  • I support.

  • I listen.

  • I respect and harmonize with your choices.

  • I offer moral, emotional and physical support.

  • I ask you questions that allow you to find answers within you.

  • I share relevant, evidence-based information to help you make informed choices.

  • I offer practices that allow you to develop the skills necessary to activate your own resources, empowering you to the fullest. 

  • I share tools, knowledge and alternative non-medical care to allow you to live at best the changes and the sensations experienced in each stage.

  • All this in addition to the medical team of your choice.

On the other hand:  

  • I do not make decisions for you. I will help you find the information and clarity you need to make informed choices.

  • I do not perform medical procedures such as monitoring, blood pressure, vaginal exams.

  • I do not replace the opinion of the medical team, and I do not speak to them on your behalf. It is you and your partner who have the voice to show us the way during the entire journey. I can speak to them directly in a context of exchange or if a question of impossibility on your part arises, with your agreement.

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